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Is your Annual Marketing Calendar Complete?

Take Action TODAY vs. Waiting for Things to “Happen.

To demonstrate what your calendar could look like, I’ve added ours for just Q1 2020 at Balanced Habits™.

Keep in mind we create themes and objectives for B2B marketing and we also create B2C marketing themes and objectives for our partners use, to promote their Balanced Habits™ business within the community their fitness club’s serve.

Perhaps you can use this as somewhat of a template for your own fitness club, to always be a step ahead of your marketing and relevant for what is occurring nationally. This is how you create campaigns and marketing strategies to capitalize on what is trending.


Here is an example of a National Theme Calendar for 2020.


Are there causes or specific themes that are relevant to your company that you can develop into a marketing campaign bringing community awareness for your club?

To get started, write a great press release that your club is offering “x” and because the theme is nationally recognized, your press release will be relevant enough to publish as you’re bringing awareness to the cause.

Take advantage of these things!

Yes, Balanced Habits™ is a nutrition licensing company.

Yes, we offer an accredited nutrition certification for your staff.

Yes, we provide a complete business opportunity with our partnerships.

Yes, we work with all fitness business models, small or large, that desires to be the 100% solution to their current and prospective members.

Yes, we have been serving fitness businesses all across the USA and Canada since 2013 and supported over 175,000 people to live a higher quality of life.

Yes, we want to partner with you. But only if you’re ready to grow your company and be everything the community you serve needs you to be.

We have a few partnerships still available. If you’re serious about partnering with a company that provides all the tools, resources and know-how to build a thriving new profit center, schedule a call with us today.