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Tell us about your career in the fitness and nutrition industry?

I am a Group Ride (Spin) instructor at Ladies World. I’ve only been teaching since December of 2017 but am totally passionate about it. I love the adrenaline I get from it and how it makes me feel. I had been taking the class in the club for about a year when the group fitness manager approached me and asked if I would be interested in teaching the class. At the time my son was just over a year old and was kind of searching for what I wanted to do so I decided to give it a try and I truly love it. After about a year of being a instructor I had the opportunity of becoming a Balanced Habits Food Coach. I’ve always had a interest in nutrition and thought it would be a great way to help people.

What inspires you?

I would say that my inspiration is the ladies that come to our club. There are many different ages of women that come to our gym and a lot of them have a few years on me and they are so strong and energetic and that inspires me to be stronger myself.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

The biggest thing I enjoy is seeing peoples faces light up when they get the results they work so hard to get. It’s such a rewarding feeling.

What special qualities do you bring to your coaching?

I’ve always been a “people person” I love working with people and helping them achieve their goals.

What are your most memorable client experiences as a Food Coach?

The most memorable experience so far for me is when a client had a dress she wanted to fit into for her daughters graduation and she met that goal! She was SO happy and I was so proud of her.

What is your favorite Food Hack?

Don’t over think it! Keep it super simple! You can’t change something if you don’t do something different!

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you?

I was a flight attendant for 16 years.

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Yours in Health,
Balanced Habits