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The Balanced Habits LIFE program was established in 1994 and has supported tens of thousands of people. LIFE is a 12-month one-on-one nutrition coaching program, designed to teach anyone how to eat real food to support their lifestyle.  Balanced Habits Certified Coaches are there to guide, support and educate participants every step of the way.

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What if you had a game plan for LIFE?

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Why choose Balanced Habits LIFE?

You’ll feel better, you’ll have more energy…but most importantly you’ll live a higher quality of life. With LIFE you’ll get in-depth knowledge and one-on-one guidance to support you in achieving your goals.

Who is LIFE for?

LIFE is for anyone who wants to learn how to eat real food to support their lifestyle.  With individualized guidance from your own Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach you’ll receive the game plan to reach your goals no matter what they are.

What can you expect?

A complete Füdcation with your own Balanced Habits Certified Food Coach.  Throughout your program you’ll attend structured nutrition appointments and build a customized plan tailored specifically to your goals.

How does it work?

You’ll have access to your own personal Certified Food Coach that will guide you through every aspect of your program. You will receive properly portioned meal guidance, learn how to eat with confidence and never pay for another nutrition program again.  EVER.



What's the catch?


Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results



A few years ago I came down with an Autoimmune disease that destroyed my kidneys. After a transplant and the many medications I was on, I developed Diabetes. My health was going down, fast! I joined my local gym’s Balanced Habits programs and within 3 months, not only was I off many of the medications, but my fasting blood glucose went from dangerously high to better than normal! I went from afraid I might lose a limb to hiking with my sons! Being taught how to eat properly and getting supervised fitness lessons gave me back my life!



The Balanced Habits programs could not be any easier. I liked that it is individualized – not a “one-size-fits-all” program.

Mike O

Mike O

After back surgery, I found myself just north of 270 lbs.and completely out of shape. I ran into a friend of mine who lost 30 lbs. and looked ripped who told me about his success at The Training Spot. I am happy to say that I am under 200 lbs. for the first time in 25 years! Thank you TSpot for your expert guidance and knowledge of nutrition and fitness! 



I’ve tried other weight loss programs without success. Balanced Habits LIFE taught me the importance of portion size. I lost 20lbs in 6 weeks and my energy went through the roof! I will never go back to my old ways!

Are You Tired of Weight-Cycling and Unsustainable Eating Plans?

Have you been stuck on the yo-yo diet roller-coaster for what seems like forever?  If you’ve struggled to lose weight following every diet imaginable; you’ve joined gyms, attended group classes, hired trainers and maybe even started popping pills promising a slimmer you, but still were unable to successfully keep off those unwanted pounds, then we’re going to show you a program that truly works and how you can finally shed the weight and keep it off…forever!  

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We’ve worked with so many people just trying to lose 5, 10 even 50lbs or more and the reason is always the same.  They just want to feel more confident in their body.  They want their jeans to fit better, to hold their head a little higher, to achieve their own ideal body.  Whether that’s to be able to buy a bikini, look like they actually train, or place in a competition, the reason is always the same:  

“I just want to feel more confident in my body.  “

We get it, we are all striving toward some goal with our health and fitness.  For Carolyn Fetters, the founder of Balanced Habits, it was to not end up like the rest of her family who passed early due to health complications from obesity related causes.  You can read more about her story here. For Paul, her husband, it was to compete and place in bodybuilding contests.  Now you might say, great, they are both already in terrific shape, how does that even apply to me?  Let us start by saying, this program works for everyone because…

It is custom tailored to your unique body, your goals and your current lifestyle.  

Balanced Habits programs are not one-size fits all plans because we don’t believe that one size ever fits all.  We believe that your body is as unique as your personality and we want to deliver a program that isn’t going to fail you, where it conforms to you and how you live, instead of you trying to conform to it, only to feel let down and frustrated when you can’t stick to its unrealistic expectations.  We want this program to be sustainable so that we can help you step off the diet roller-coaster once and for all, learn how to eat healthy (but not restrictively) for life and get the FÜducation™ you never got in school.  Now, we know every other weight loss company has promised you big results only to leave you disappointed and craving a real meal in the end, but we urge you to keep reading because we’re going to show you why Balanced Habits is a program unlike anything you’ve ever seen or done before.  

But let’s start off with a dose of reality…Healthcare is expensive.

Healthcare, at least in the United States, is a for-profit business.  Insurance companies quite often charge higher premiums for coverage when you carry around more body fat, their reasoning for this is that you are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes and much more.  They are not wrong in making those assumptions, you are at a higher risk when you carry extra weight, and lowering your amount of body fat you have not only reduces your insurance costs, it reduces at least one of the risk factors you have for these diseases and others. Carrying extra weight can also increase your risk for asthma, sleep apnea, hypertension, and psychological issues such as depression and lowered self-esteem. Additionally, overweight and obese people tend to experience discrimination from their peers, employers and the general public.

Here are some quick facts about the health care costs of obesity:

  • Obese adults spend 42% more on direct healthcare costs
  • Those with a BMI between 30-35 are twice as likely to be prescribed pharmaceuticals to manage medical conditions
  • Costs for patients complaining of chest pains at emergency rooms are 22% higher for overweight, 28% higher for obese and 41% higher for severely obese

“Reducing obesity, improving nutrition and increasing activity can help lower costs through fewer doctor’s visits, tests, prescription drugs, sick days, ER visits and hospital admissions, as well as lower the risk for a wide range of disease”1

We are a company who is always striving to stay ahead of trends, and be 100% of the solution for our customers.  We know that a fitness routine, while an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, is not the entire solution without the proper nutrition to support it, something the health care companies have finally recognized.  In fact, just recently some insurance companies have started teaming up with providers who offer sustainable solutions to obesity.  They know that preventative measures cost less in the long run than trying to heal a sick person.  Employers are also getting more in-tune with this line of thinking as they know a healthier staff equals a more productive workforce.

We’re sure you’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.  That same metric applies to nutrition and fitness.  80% of your results come from your nutrition, so you can jog all day long, but if you don’t fuel your body properly, it’s not going to function very well.  We like to use this analogy when certifying new Food Coaches:  It’s just like putting fuel in your car.  You can use a lower quality fuel and sure your car is going to run, but in the end, it’s going to need more repairs and cost more than if you put in the better quality fuel in the first place.  Our bodies work the same way, food is our fuel, and it can work with you to get you the results you know you deserve to have.  

Like Patrick, who turned to Balanced Habits after his prescribed medications further compromised his health

Watch this video to learn about how changing his habits changed his life:

**Balanced Habits LIFE was formerly called “The TakeDown LifeStyle”

And we have over 100,000 more stories from people just like you, who wanted to reach a goal with their body.  Whether that was to lose the weight they’ve been battling to take off their whole lives or just improving their overall health, Balanced Habits has proven to be the last nutrition program they have ever needed.  

As athletes themselves, the creators of the BH programs have a personal understanding regarding nutrition and the role it plays. To say that they “practice what they preach” would be an understatement.  With two completely different approaches to fitness, (endurance runner and bodybuilder), their nutrition requirements were vastly unique to their desired outcome.  While both types of athlete desires to compete as lean as possible, the need for performance is what is interesting to consider.  Endurance athletes consume smaller, more carbohydrate and fat dense meals, whereas a body builder requires larger, more protein and fat dense meals; each to support the activity and desired outcome. Food becomes even more than fuel, it becomes almost a science of performance.

Because the creators of Balanced Habits (BH) have so much personal application, as well as formal education in this field, teaching others how to apply this to their own unique set of circumstances became the ultimate goal for them. The original program, Balanced Habits LIFE, was developed within their first fitness center in 1994 to serve their fitness clientele.  BH KICK START came about in 2008 when their clients asked for a group program they could work on using a community approach of support.  

As parents of four children, fitness business entrepreneurs, and community volunteers, they knew they wanted to create a program for other busy people/families who deserved to live a higher quality of life through a “FÜducation™ ” (an education how to eat real food), which in-turn has supported over 100,000 people. They literally created their programs to help people learn how to take of themselves, their family and in many cases their children.

Our goal is simple… help you reach yours.”  

We truly believe that too! If it’s true that there are no bad foods, only bad portion sizes, that allows for a tremendous amount of freedom. Participants of the KICK START and LIFE programs all say the same thing: “I wish I had known this years ago, my life would have been so different.”

Balanced Habits understands that if someone is serious about changing their lifestyle, they had to develop a program that didn’t exclude food or entire food group eliminations.  People need to make choices, within parameters so they don’t feel deprived and the BH programs offer that.

So what is Balanced Habits LIFE anyway?  

As we said before, we are an Industry of FÜducation™. We help people learn how to eat real food in a way that is sustainable for life. Balanced Habits LIFE is a one-on-one program that gives you the support and accountability to learn new habits, with a plan custom tailored to your activity level, goals, and unique body composition.  

The binder you receive in your first one on one meeting with your Food Coach is full of meal ideas, grocery lists, a Pack n Go sheet-for packing meals at home, and a Grab n Go list for eating on the run.  You’ll also receive an individualized macronutrient recommendations to  help to customize your meal plans each day. Additionally, you will receive a food journal to help you track your meals and review it with your Food Coach at your meetings, which allows them to make adjustments and suggestions, as necessary, throughout your journey.  

Here’s what some of our participants have said they noticed very quickly after starting the Balanced Habits LIFE program:

  • A better night’s sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Mental clarity
  • More energy

And that’s not all. Having the one-on-one support, accountability and customized plan helped LIFE participants to achieve their goals much faster than they would on their own.  But most of all it gave them the confidence to continue on to bigger goals now that they had the roadmap to get them there.  

If you are ready to end weight cycling once and for all, put an end to struggling with how to eat healthy and live a longer, higher quality of life, then it’s time to find a participating partner near you today.

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