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We’re called “Balanced Habits” because, while everyone has habits, they don’t all have balanced habits……yet.  Within a week or two, we know how much better you’ll be feeling physically and emotionally. Developing more balanced habits is much easier when you can feel and visually see your body  transforming.  Although current habit development research  shows that it actually takes a consistent 90 days for new habits to develop and endure, your dedicated nutrition coach will inspire you to begin living your best life from day one so that you’ll stay committed to developing your new and improved lifestyle.
$199 down + $199 per month (2 months)
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One-Time Bonuses

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One-on-One Coaching

10 Coaching Calls for 3 Month Program ($750 value) or
15 Coaching Calls for 6 Month Program ($1125 value)

20 Done for You Assembled Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner Ideas

In your unique portion sizes to save you time when trying to figure out what to eat. ($250 value)

15 Delicious Meal Replacement Protein Smoothie Recipes

In your unique portion size so that your day gets off to a great start when you’re in a hurry! ($250 value)

Balanced Habits™ FüdStar Recipe Site Access

So that you have tasty, seasonal and simple recipes all in your unique portion size to make cooking exciting, quick and efficient for you and your family. ($60 value)

Done for You Grocery Lists

To make the trip to your local grocery store quick, organized and cost-effective! ($60)

Restaurant Eating Guide

So you know what to eat when you’re out on the town and stay in control and on track. ($250 value)

Daily Food, Exercise, Water In-take and Feelings Tracker

So that you’re able to provide your Coach a quick insight into your day for total support and guidance. ($250 value)

Mind-set Reframing & New Habit Development

Because this is at the heart of ensuring you are successful and your lifestyle development is sustainable. ($PRICELESS!)
balanced meal so you can lose weight the healthy way

My Guarantee

If you don’t reach your established health and fitness goals by the end of your program term,
I will personally work with you until you do.
Buy 12 Week Program
$199 down + $199 per month (2 months)
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Additional Bonus Offer

If your goal is to achieve typical results like losing 20 lbs. or 10 over-all inches, the 12-Week program will deliver that. However, if your goal is more ambitious and you’re looking to lose more like 50 lbs., unfortunately 12 weeks won’t get the job done, once and for all.

It’s our professional suggestion that you give yourself more time and receive more in-depth coaching by doubling down and committing to a full 24-week program. We will honor the same 15% discount and apply it all to the first payment, which includes your first two months of this one-time Lifestyle Revival special!
$298 down for first 2 months + $149 per month (4 months)
Buy 24 Week Program

Unsure what Program Will Work Best for You?

We encourage you to schedule a call with a Balanced Habits™ Food Coach to discuss your goals, the best solutions to those goals, and the various options to fast-track your way to better health.
Nutrition Coaching for healthy weight loss