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If you have children, would you do ANYTHING to protect them and ensure their safety??
I can’t imagine there is any parent out there that would say no. I am a parent of four adult children and now, a grandparent to six grandchildren, all under the age of four years old, and I can say without hesitation I’d do anything for all ten of them. 
Now that we’ve established that, I need you to think a little bit abstractly about the same thing, through a different lens.  If you’re willing to do anything for your children, consider this:

Would you be willing to live a healthy lifestyle?

Would you be just as willing to do whatever it took to be as healthy as you could be for your child?  Not only would this be excellent role modeling, but it also would ensure that you were presenting the very best version of yourself to your child. Don’t they deserve that?

By looking after your own health and fitness, you’re demonstrating to your child that it’s important and okay to put yourself first; by prioritizing your well-being, you’re signaling that you’re doing your best to be there for your child as you move through life together. Now, I know there are many things out of our control, but what’s within our control is how we choose to nourish our bodies, harness energy, and access all the vitality we can to be as present as possible in our children’s lives as they grow up. 

To every parent who struggles with his or her health and fitness, I challenge you to consider practicing this new perspective as you go about your day. We often look for external motivation or superficial rewards to look after ourselves but really, the answer is sometimes right in front of us — to provide our children with the future they deserve. 

May we choose health, everyday, to ensure our children thrive and that you are well enough to witness their futures (and your own) unfold in front of you. 

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