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Tell us about your career in the fitness and nutrition industry?

I was born in Buffalo, NY and have lived in a number of places, but for the last 20 years I’ve been on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. My husband of 24 years and I have four sons and a daughter. My background is in the hard sciences, having degrees in both chemistry and physics. However, as life often sends us on a path different from our intended walk, I now own a gym offering CrossFit, private training, Level Method programming, and Balanced Habits programs. My own health has been a journey that most certainly led me to my current work. It was an 8-year struggle just getting a doctor to listen, then many more before I was being treated correctly. I don’t want anyone to go through that experience and I will do what I can to prevent it! Over the course of several years beginning in 2007, I had numerous orthopedic procedures, mostly to correct some anatomical anomalies that I was born with. The struggle for optimal health is a difficult journey and having been on many rough roads, I can truly say that anyone can change their health!

What inspires you?

The people I meet. Especially the ones who struggle with invisible diseases.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Helping people find the knowledge and understanding to come to the realization that they really can control their health–that it’s not an impossible journey.

What special qualities do you bring to your coaching?

I struggled for 20 years before I was finally diagnosed. The struggle was really a blessing in disguise. The amount of learning and research that I have done has taught me more than both of my college degrees! When I say, “I get it!” I really do!

What are your most memorable client experiences as a Food Coach?

Poppy John came to us with diabetes. And 40 extra pounds. I will never forget the day he waived his lab results at me and said that it was perfect!

What was your favorite Nutrition Hack?

Buy a pressure cooker and 2 pots!! Prep tomorrow’s meat while you are eating dinner!

Tell us something that not everyone knows about you?

I love roller skating and just put new doughnut wheels on!

Any last words?

I truly believe that this is the best nutrition program in the world. My whole family uses these principles!