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A Message from Your Balanced Habits™ Team

Happy summer 2021! Is there anyone who doesn’t love the summer months that offer warm days and evenings that tend to function with a more relaxed pace? But, don’t let this relaxed pace knock you off your positive path toward your goals. You might have to change your routine up, but definitely don’t stop!

Spend just one minute each day to envision you, being confident, self-possessed, and in control of your own decisions as they relate to your health and wellness.  Work on loving yourself, your body and your actions to live a more balanced and healthy life each day by creating a personal positive mantra than you can repeat over –n- over about why you deserve to live the life you want for yourself.
Grab it and enjoy it!

This month, as crazy as it sounds, begin planning your for your fall through winter kitchen months. When produce is at its least expensive and plentiful, buy it, prep it and flash freeze it. Make tomato sauce out of the bounty of tomatoes likely popping up in your garden. Grate up zucchini to add to your sauce when you heat it up in a few months.  Take advantage of everything summer brings.  While you have some free time, do “homey” things that will pay off when your time is at a premium and you need a quick solution.  You’ve got this!

Noteworthy & June Fun-Fact Dates

July 1st  Canada Day, International Joke Day

July 2nd  National Sorry, I Forgot Day

July 3rd  Compliment Your Mirror Day, National Eat Beans Day

July 4th  Fourth of July or Independence Day in the USA, National Caesar Salad Day

July 6th  World Kiss Day

July 7th  Tell the Truth Day 

July 11th  National Cheer Up the Lonely Day

July 21st  National Be Someone Day

July 24th  National Tequila Day

July 27th  National Love is Kind Day

July 31st  National Avocado Day

Have a joyful July!

Balanced Habits News

Did ya know that…..there’s no better time to start working on a life filled with quality, energy, strength, confidence, positivity, and vitality?!  It’s true! Speak to a Balanced Habits™ team member to find out how you can learn exactly what you need to do to get on track with your physical wellbeing! It’s never too late to begin and always a great time to start!

Balanced Habits™ Recipe of the Month

Housemade Tomato Sauce

Taste test as you go.  Go easy with the seasonings to adjust UP.  It’s much easier to add than take away.

Cook chopped onions, garlic in extra virgin olive oil until tender.

Add chopped tomatoes. Cook covered, until soft.

Use an immersion blender, masher or food strainer to slightly blend the ingredients

Cook sauce down until a consistency that you favor.

During this time you can add kosher salt, fresh black pepper, your choice of sweetener (sugar, Splenda, Truvia, Stevia…etc.), finely diced fresh basil, oregano, and if you like, rosemary. Taste test it and adjust as needed.

Once you have completely cooled the sauce, portion it into clean glass jars.  Leave at least 2” from the lid to allow for expansion! When you’re sure the jar is at room temp you can freeze them and pull one out as you need it to get you through the fall-winter months to come. 

If you are not hitting your goals as quickly as you’d like, we’ll show you a way you can.  Speak to a coach today by clicking here. 🖱️

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