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Are you limited by your genes? I seriously doubt it. Out of the thousands of people we’ve worked with over the years, I can’t remember a single one who couldn’t improve their genetics.  Carolyn is a perfect example of this. Her genetic makeup is significantly different than mine. She gains weight easily, has to work twice hard to gain muscle and has to constantly monitor her health markers to stay healthy.  However, because she continually chooses to eat healthy, exercises like crazy and lives with vitality, she can control her weight, her energy and her health markers like cholesterol, glucose levels, blood pressure, insulin and other hormonal responses so that she can live and look the way she wants. Carolyn chooses not to be a victim of her genetics, but a leader by example.

Few people come close to realizing their genetic potential for health and fitness. Don’t assume you’re standing on the brink of your genetic upper limit.

Of course, we must be realistic. Each of us has certain, very real, genetic limitations. For instance, most of us are not equipped to play for the NFL, play center for the Lakers, or win the Tour de France. In other words, you may not have the genetic makeup to reach the upper limits of elite human performance.

Despite this limiting factor, everyone can still improve their health, lose fat and/or gain muscle by getting the right advice and implementing it. In 35 years of workig with all kinds of people, from office managers to elite athletes, I’ve yet to see a single case where we couldn’t significantly improve their body composition, health profile and performance.

What does this mean for you? It means that no matter where you are currently, whether you need to lose 5 or 50 lbs, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure or just try to feel better, it’s not too late.

No matter what age or how far you think you have to go to look ad feel better, the key is to just start and don’t stop.

The minute you start exercising or start eating better, your body starts to make small positive physiological changes to account for hte activity. The opposite is true as well, if you’ve got a good start on your health and fitness–don’t stop, because when you send a message of inactivity and poor eating, your body will take note of those messages as well.

If you’re not exercising, start…NOW.  If you’re not fueling your body for it’s maximum performance, start….TODAY.