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Apparently I hit a nerve last week with my email and suggestion to rebrand the Fitness Industry to change the government’s perception of what we really offer the communities we serve.

“Fitness” itself is very subjective and there is no way to cram all the different modalities into one box, let alone one specific industry. Not to mention an industry that has been denied the ability to support our communities with a stronger immunity and better overall health and wellness at a time when they need it the most! Madness I say! ha ha

No matter what you offer for your fitness services, what you are really providing is a solution for TOTAL HEALTH & WELLNESS. Fitness is a component of that of course, but not the main objective. If we align in this effort, we can in-effect change the way we are perceived and appreciated as absolutely, hands down, ESSENTIAL. NOW is the perfect opportunity to create this change.

Mark your calendar!

Tuesday February 23rd at 2:30PM EST

-link forthcoming from Club Solutions Magazine ’21 Webinar Series


Proposed Title:



-Balanced Habits™ and Shared Vision LLC are teaming up to present factual and real-time current and future programs that are deemed “Essential Business Practices,” within Fitness Centers that offer Wellness Services.

You have excellent options…you simply need someone to show you the way.



Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779