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Free Lead Generating Options

Are you aware of the rules of marketing?

They are: Give-Give-Give-ASK…building trust and authority for your trade/service with the “giving” so that when you ask, your audience trusts you to be an authority.

Each month we provide our Balanced Habits™ partners with 5 Lead Generating items they can use however they see fit.

  1. Article/Blog for our BH-RDN
  2. Article/Blog from our BH-Nutritionist
  3. A fun and seasonal recipe
  4. Kitchen Tips or Nutrition Tips
  5. A one-page Monthly Newsletter

Also for each of the Balanced Habits™ 28-Day Balanced Habits™ 4-Week Program launches per year we create a new eBook and a promotional email campaign to capture new leads, or make a sale for their program, using the eBook as the lead gen.

Here is the March Greens eBook.

Use or delete any or all of it. Your call.

Hope you’re doing well. Think of how much things have improved since exactly 2 years on this very date. That’s when all heck broke loose in the world. Super fun times.

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