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Fitness Clubs that recently reopened are being forced to close AGAIN-AGAIN where virus-related resurgences are occurring.

There is absolutely NO data to prove fitness clubs are virus spreaders so this makes extra no sense! … scratching my head….

Larry Furia of Shared Vision LLC and Balanced Habits™ have partnered together to help fitness facilities with their closures or limited operations.

And boy it’s been busy with government’s all around the USA that are mandating new closures of non-essential businesses with infection rates on the rise.

Or if you’re lucky enough to remain open but at 25% capacity, we’ve had success with increasing limited capacity rates.

Of course it takes some fancy footwork to get this in place but it sure beats being forced to close or accepting back so few members or worse, covering your windows and operating illegally.

I have added the Action Steps outlined during the Webinar I presented for Club Solutions Magazine a few weeks ago. Click the image to the right to download. 

These are the steps you will need to take, as well crafting a very well written letter to the governing body in charge, that outlines the steps you have taken to be deemed an Essential Business for the community that you serve.

Then cross all your toes & fingers!

Don’t try to do this alone.

You’d be wise to partner with other experts to be everything required for the community you serve.

Be proactive and make things happen of you want to change the outcome.


Reach out if you’re interested in learning what you need to do.


Both Larry and I want to help.

Be proactive.

Don’t get left behind.

P.S., Keep in mind our 120-Day Balanced Habits™ Trial Offer!

The last day to sign on is fast approaching.

Don’t give up!




~ In Good Health,

Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits