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Are you on track to finish out the year strong or are you looking forward to just starting over, fresh in the new year?

I ask because I have been offering motivational posts for our Balanced Habits™ partners/licensees who seem to be in a bit of a holding pattern right now. Their clubs are open (yay!), they are getting their member’s back (super yay!), and they’re noticing that people want to get back into their health and fitness routines (huge yay!!)

However, what I am seeing is a lack of motivation to grow the business.
It’s as if they spent so much time & energy stressing the past 21-months they have little left to devote to a growth mindset. Does that sound familiar?

Although these final months of 2021 are busy, they are also a great opportunity to plan for the new year ahead. From one entrepreneur to another, trust me when I say that putting in the time and effort now will ensure a smooth & successful roll-out for the new year ahead. Don’t wait for January to start.

Balanced Habits™ has transitioned to be much easier to implement, as we’ve “pivoted” into a new and necessary course for the fitness industry to provide accredited nutrition programming for their member’s.

We’d love a chance to demonstrate what we’ve built Balanced Habits™ into, to serve this new fitness industry.

And again, from one entrepreneur to another, we know what keeps you up at night…….
it keeps us up too! Time is running low in 2021 to do big things in 2022!

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779

P.S., Hope you had a terrific Thanksgiving! If you enjoyed the Thanksgiving eBook I provided, I’d love to hear about it 🙂 This is my three grand babies who were NOT interested in taking a picture or sharing toys!
A reality moment……not an Instagram worthy moment! haha

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