Knowing your daily recommended balance of protein, carbohydrates, and dietary fats is an important first step in successfully managing your weight. The second step is organizing a routine that properly fuels you consistently throughout your day without exceeding your daily recommendations. 

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STEP 2: Create A Manageable Daily Routine

In the Extended Macronutrient Report you will be provided with 5 important tools to help you create an easily managed routine using your recommended daily portion size.
Your daily recommended macronutrients broken down into individual meal portions.
The amount of meals you should eat in a single day.
The timeframes you should eat each meal depending on your unique schedule.
Pack & Go Chart to show you the right amount you should eat for nearly every food choice that exists.
And lastly, a One Week Meal Plan to take you through a full week of delicious balanced meals that are capable of improving your health and body.

Balanced Habits™ Founder Carolyn Fetters on the importance of organizing your day into proper individual meal sizes.