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A smart move for building a successful business is to calculate the COI for your company. It isn’t easy to measure, but calculating COI is a great metric and one that, even if you can’t quantify, may be the best and most strategic growth and metric to focus on.

I know, things are just kind of getting back on track, but having awareness and acting on the COI can be a game-changer for you, your business and your life.

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to have the ability to continue growing the business, especially right now? Or to hit financial targets and systems to align your plan and team to consistently increase revenue while maintaining great cash profitability? There isn’t anyone in a service-oriented business who doesn’t need a hefty infusion of cash right now and more importantly with minimal effort.

Developing a strategic partnership can offer the benefits of business growth, and in record time.

Just like Ben did for Jerry, or Red Bull did for GoPro, or Spotify did for Über…etc.; examples of companies that partnered to be even greater!

Coping With Sameness vs. Implementing Change

It’s common for businesses to simply cope with their current situations and avoid or delay taking action. This delay is typically rooted in a fear of the effort change may cause – the easy route is to hesitate.

The reality is that the pain of staying where you are is more costly than the pain of implementing change.

It’s About Money

The thing is, it’s not just about coping with sameness. It’s also about money. And it’s about opportunity. You have to ask yourself, what are you leaving on the table by not taking action? What is it costing you to hesitate?

At Balanced Habits™ we also have a vision of growth and will support you with our NEW BUSINESS MODEL that was created for this exact moment in time.

The very nature of the word “partner” is laced with synonyms such as; collaboration, cooperation, alliance….all words that make one company greater by the formulation of a strong and mutually beneficial strategic partnership.

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779


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