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Right NOW represents the short term need.

Balanced Habits™ has transitioned our business model to support your business to focus; focus on making additional and consistent non-dues revenue with minimal effort.

If you think you and your team are able to present a proven and customized nutrition solution to your member’s we will take on all the heavy lifting. That’s it.

All you’d need to do is present the opportunity.

If you can stand behind your member’s developing a lifestyle approach to eating properly, (likely resulting in weight loss), improved confidence, increased knowledge and transforming not only their physique but their mindset….than you owe it to yourself to learn how.

Check out our webpage dedicated to our new business model.

We have a brand new Affiliate Performa Report for you to actually see what’s possible as an affiliate of Balanced Habits™

Carolyn Fetters
Health & Wellness Industry Thought Leader
Balanced Habits
(657) 231-6779


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