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Answer the Following Questions

  1. Do you have a plain bagel for breakfast?
  2. Do you wait to eat breakfast until after you get to work/the kids to school?
  3. Do you have frozen yogurt for lunch or dinner because you think it’s a good diet food?
  4. Do you have cereals that contain sugar as a primary ingredient?
  5. Do you have wheat pasta for lunch or dinner because you think it’s a healthy, low-fat food?
  6. Do you drink juice as part of your morning routine?
  7. Do you over-eat at lunch, then skip dinner?
  8. Do you feel that Low-fat cookies or Baked Chips are fine, or a daily ritual?
  9. Do you drink lots of diet soda instead of drinking water?
  10. Is your idea of heaven “lotsa pasta?”
  11. When you binge, do you tend to eat bread, cereal, cake, cookies,  ….and yes, pasta?
  1. After eating carbohydrates, do you feel bloated and puffy?
  2. After a carbohydrate binge do you gain weight quickly?
  3. Your weight fluctuation is dramatic.  You’re the quintessential yo-yo dieter?
  1. You’ve been dieting and you just can’t lose any weight.
  2. You always yawn a lot around 3:00 or 4:00PM?
  3. Do you feel tired all the time?
  4. Do you get migraine headaches often?
  5. Do you feel sad without knowing why?
  6. Sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and want to eat.
  7. Do you have insomnia?
  8. Do you fly off the handle for no reason?
  9. Do you always feel hungry?
  10. Do you adore food so much, you think about it all the time?
  11. Do you hate food so much, you think about it all the time?

If more than five of these questions ring true for you, you could very well be a carb addict and it is seriously  affecting the quality of your life. You are simply out of control.  

How can you fight a force as powerful as this?

We can help you “kick the carbohydrate binge habit!”

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