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Billionaires, Celebrities, and High Achievers have one. Do you?

There is absolutely no truth to these titles: “a self-made millionaire” or an “overnight success.” Someone stood behind that person to support, guide, and mentor this person to be at the top of his or her game.

Coaches, Mentors, Guru’s….they might go about how they inspire or support differently, but the end game is always the same: To ensure their client is incredibly successful.


Balanced Habits has the Solutions you Need

When we built this company, it was imperative we offered everything a fitness business needed to launch a successful Department of Nutrition. Of course the nutrition programming is a huge part of what we provide, but how to actually turn your nutrition “information” into a systematic profit center that can grow and build??? That’s where the coaching & mentoring comes in.

We provide business coaching, teaching you how to implement, sell and even speak about nutrition, incorporating it into the sales process. This is a vital aspect to having immediate success.

We provide sales & marketing coaching, ensuring your team is properly communicating your new business addition with done-for-you branded assets, lead gen. tools, social posts, campaigns, sales funnels, and even email sequences…..all built around your specific business model and speaking to your unique customer.

We provide coaching for your entire team to be aligned with the company mission of speaking one nutrition philosophy for your facility, allowing you to develop brand identity and business USP within your community as “THE place to get results.”

We provide an accredited nutrition certification, coaching and on-going mentoring for your customer’s Food (Health) Coaches. We want your staff to confidently present themselves “as experts” through not only nutrition information, but also counseling, which is a major component of successful nutrition programming. Certifications are great to have, however having a vehicle to put it to use, with the backing of a team of professionals with 25+ years of experience working within the fitness industry (as opposed to a hospital setting) is a game-changer.

Don’t try to do this on your own.

Rely on others who have already “been in your shoes.”

We’re now in the position to give-back.

As Coaches and Mentors, we will propel you, your team, and business to greatness much faster and without the “trial & error” phase of starting a new department on your own.

Reach out to Paul, our Director of Sales, to schedule a time to talk through how we can coach and mentor you and your team.


Head BH Coach, Carolyn


Today is a great day to

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