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Have you felt like doing this…like from your own business lately??? haha

I know I have had a few (or more) days that bailing sounded a lot easier than hanging in there and keeping my head in the game.

But here we each are, trying to work our own kind of magic to keep the doors open, lights on, and future intact.

What strategic moves are you planning on for the New Year ahead?


Here are 4 Business Strategies to employ for the year ahead:

1. Focus on what you can do to differentiate your business from your competitorsRe-think your brand’s place in your market.

2. Provide valuable services and resources for customers that they can’t find anywhere else. Don’t be a sheep, be THE Lion!

3. Use this time of rebuilding the business to identify your specific niche in your market. Dig deeper than you ever have to think outside the box you were in pre-March 2020.

4. Develop a multi-plan approach to take advantage of today’s new customer. How will you speak to them so they hear your message?

*Hint: speak their language; which is a totally new language!


I’m looking for a few LIONS to partner with in 2021.

If that describes you, if you have fought to stay relevant, if you see yourself flourishing in the New Year, and if you get the whole “strategic alignment of brands,” reach out.

There is no reason to do it all yourself.




~ In Good Health,

Carolyn Fetters
Head Honcho
Balanced Habits