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This is a great question, and when you really dig into it, it explains a lot. Throughout my 35+ years in the fitness industry and the thousands of people I have had the opportunity to work with, this concept explains exactly what separates those who make amazing changes with their programs, and those who get better, but never quite achieve what they are capable of.

Here are a few things that I hear too frequently: I will TRY:

  • to write in my food journal and follow my meal plan.
  • to get some cardio in on the days I’m not with my trainer.
  • not to eat too much this weekend.
  • “I will try to cut back on soft drinks/alcohol/junk food etc.

The people I have worked with who have made amazing changes to their health and fitness approach things a little bit differently: They don’t “TRY”

  • they do write in their food journal and follow their meal plan.
  • they do their cardio workouts.
  • they do eat properly.
  • they do cut back on foods that don’t align with their goals.

And because of this, they don’t “try” to reach their fitness and weight loss goals, THEY DO REACH THEIR GOALS. Many times, they achieve results they never thought were possible, faster than they would have ever imagined!

I explain it this way, “When you’re “Doing” the right things to accomplish your goals, you are focused, systematic, analytical, and eliminate “chance” from the equation. You have to be purposeful in your actions and then evaluate the outcome of those actions.

If you’re merely “trying” to reach your goals then you’ve allowed chance to be your guide and you’re haphazardly going from one diet to the next or you’re sporadic and unfocused in your exercise routine.

Being successful at anything isn’t always easy. But if you are willing to do the right things consistently, over a period of time, that hard work becomes more and more manageable, things start to click and you pick up momentum.

So, how can you go from “trying” to “doing”?

Here are a few tips that will help you out:

1. GET FOCUSED! Set your goal; write it down somewhere you will see it frequently. Set “work ethic goals”. These are things you are willing to do in order to achieve your goal. Write down your work ethic goals.

2. BE STRUCTURED, have a meal plan in place. Don’t wait until lunch time to try to figure out what you are going to have to eat that day. Do 45 minutes of some form of exercise that will make you sweat at least 5 days a week.

3. MAKE APPOINTMENTS, make a promise to yourself when you wake up in the morning or at 5pm when you get off work you are going for a 30-minute walk. If your workouts are scheduled, they will happen. You don’t have to worry about “trying” to get them in.

4. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF, you know whether or not you have been following your plan. Nobody knows you like you do, so you know exactly what behaviors are holding you back and keeping you from reaching your goals. Once you can admit your weaknesses, you can take steps to improving and eliminating them.

5. GET CONNECTED AND INSPIRED, surround yourself with people who are working towards a common goal and with people who have already accomplished what you are hoping to. Learn from them. Support and encourage each other. Whether you get that motivation from working with your Food Coach, or you attend group workouts such as our Boot Camp class and build off the energy of the group, having support reaching your goal is essential. You don’t have to go through the frustration of trying to figure out everything on your own.

6. HAVE FUN!!! It can be stressful trying to lose weight and improve your fitness levels, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you have the right plan in place, and you are following the plan, the results you see and the changes you feel will make the whole journey a lot more fun.

Want a reminder to help you stick to your goals?  Download this PDF and hang it on your wall!