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Meet the dedicated professionals who are on a mission to transform lives and bring the Diet Industry into the Fitness Industry–where it belongs.


Carolyn Fetters

Carolyn Fetters


Carolyn was raised in Orange County, CA and lived there for the majority of her life.  Upon graduation from high school, Carolyn moved to Maui, HI for a year and took some time to travel around Europe.  Eventually she started the local J.C., Orange Coast College.  She graduated with an A.A. in Adaptive Fitness and moved on to UCLA where she completed her B.A. in Sociology.  From there she stayed in the LA area.  She met her future husband, Paul, a Personal Trainer at the Original Gold’s Gym, and they married two years later.  Together Paul and Carolyn were joined by four incredible children, Mattison, twins, Sara and Katy and youngest, Daisy.  They moved south, back to Orange County, CA to raise the family and build their life.  Over the years Carolyn and Paul opened three Personal Training Studios, where they began what is now called Balanced Habits in 1995.

When the children were older, Carolyn officially set out to build Balanced Habits into what it is today.  Carolyn is an avid distance runner and enjoys taking her Akita out for daily runs along the beach path in Huntington Beach, where she has resided for 24 years in the same family home they moved to from Venice, CA.  Carolyn and Paul have been happily married since 1989. They recently sold their three gyms and Paul is now officially a team member at Balanced Habits.  The company headquarters is located in Costa Mesa, CA, the city where Carolyn was raised.  

Some of Carolyn’s accomplishments include:
● Associate Arts Degree, Adaptive Fitness, Orange Coast College ● Bachelor of Arts Degree, Sociology, UCLA ● Continued Education in Fitness/Nutrition at SMCC/UCLA ● Self-published Author of two healthy family-style cook books ● Developer of “The TakeDown™ CHALLENGE ● Developer of “The TakeDown™ LifeStyle

Paul has diligently studied the effects of nutrition and exercise on human physiological performance for more than thirty years. Paul has worked directly with amateur as well as top professional athletes to prepare them for competition and give them the benefit of the Balanced Habits edge. Having been a fitness business owner for the past 17 years of three successful facilities Paul understands the need for a turn-key nutrition program that is easy to implement and delivers great results for the customer.
Some of Paul’s accomplishments include:
• 2017 Grand Masters National Bodybuilding Championships
• 2009 California Bodybuilding Championships
• 2007 Grand Masters National Bodybuilding Championships
• 1997 Masters National Bodybuilding Champion
• 1996 California State Ironman Champion
• Participated in over 44 Bodybuilding competitions
• Top fitness trainer in Los Angeles & Orange County for over 35 years
• Member of IDEA Foundation
• Health Sciences, UCLA
• Level II Exercise & Physiological Science Certification

Paul Fetters

Paul Fetters

Director of Sales

Autumn Gillespie

Autumn Gillespie


Autumn Gillespie has her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Long Beach State University.  With a lifelong love for sports and athletics, Autumn knew she wanted to pursue a career in the health and/or fitness. She held a handful of positions in other disciplines in the nutrition world, but found her ultimate desire to be in prevention and education rather than maintaining the damage that may have already been done. Autumn was a personal trainer for a number of years and has continued her education with other accredited nutrition certifications. Being with Balanced Habits since the formation of the company, Autumn has played many roles including the initial position of a certified Food Coach in the Fetters’ fitness facility supporting clients on the Balanced Habits programs. This is where Autumn and Carolyn were able to creatively work on the programs and increase their value and potential impact on clients’ lives. Her current role at Balanced Habits is to manage the everyday operations of the growing company.  She also is the Head Food Coach and with multiple responsibilities included in this role.  To summarize it best, Autumn “coaches Food Coaches to become better coaches.”  This requires staying up to date with client issues and behaviors, current nutrition and health trends in addition to ongoing account management procedures. In her free time Autumn considers herself an avid, “gym rat” which is actually where she met her husband a number of years ago.  She also enjoys cooking, watching football, being outside, snowboarding, laughing and spending time with her dog LittleFoot.

Ziporah has her B.A. in Communication with a specialization in Radio, TV & Film.  She began her career in film and television, working her way up to production management, but was introduced to the startup world in the late 2000’s and fell head over heels with the energy of entrepreneurs on a mission to bring their ideas to the world.

As a self-proclaimed “tech-geek,” she is quick to adapt to new environments, and craves learning new things to expand her skillset. Ziporah’s specializations include strategy, funnel automation, video production and WordPress design.

Ziporah came across Balanced Habits while planning a move to the West Coast and was immediately drawn to the company’s clearly defined path of growth and their mission to change the way people view the word “diet.”  

When she’s not geeking out on the latest technology, Ziporah spends her free time hiking, kayaking and camping.  As a former Equestrian Competitor in both Dressage and Western Trail, she also takes every chance she can to be around horses.

Some of Ziporah’s Accomplishments Include:

  • Cine Golden Eagle Recipient (for Documentary “Finding the Light”)
  • 2x Audience Favorite Film Race Winner
  • World Fest: Devour, Escape from the Ladies Room
Ziporah R. Paskman

Ziporah R. Paskman


Matthew Santos

Matthew Santos

Social Media Creative

Matthew Santos began in the art field by receiving his BFA in Graphic Design from Central Michigan University and later his Master’s in Art Management from Columbia College Chicago. After a short stint in the health and fitness industry, Matthew found his way back into competitive gymnastics where he once competed as an athlete but discovered his knack for coaching as an adult. After many years coaching, he still wanted to pursue his interests in design and marketing where he found a home at Balanced Habits as the resident social media marketing creative. Other interests of Matthew’s include hiking, traveling, and writing.

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Eric Larsen

Eric Larsen


Leah Cox

Leah Cox


Leah holds a bachelors degree in exercise physiology, but knew she wanted a career in health and fitness at a young age. It all began when she earned her blackbelt and ultimately became a martial arts instructor. Through college she obtained a few different certifications and became a certified personal trainer and boot camp instructor.

Her journey with Balanced Habits began before the company officially started. In 2011, she met Paul and Carolyn and came on as an administrative assistant and personal trainer for their gyms. She also helped to run the KICKSTART and LIFE programs within their three locations. Later, she took on a higher role to manage the operations of the gym, including the financials.

Coincidentally, Leah and her husband started a family at the same time Balanced Habits was born. Though she decided to stay home while her children were young, Leah has continued to grow with the company and works remotely for Balanced Habits as the controller and Recipe Site Manager.

In her free time, Leah enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Together, they enjoy off-roading, “glamping”, and boating. She stays fit by running, working out, and chasing the kids on their weekly trips to Disneyland.