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What is Balanced Habits?

Do you sell food?

Do you sell supplements?

Do you make meals for people?

None of those things explain Balanced Habits.

Do we fit in within the Fitness Industry or the Diet Industry or the Nutrition Industry?  Well, kinda…

Balanced Habits is really a hybrid of several things, but to the core, we educate people how to eat real food. Hence the trademarked word:  FÜducation™

When we set out to support Fitness business owners and their staff to be experts, we gave them a name too. We call those fine folks: Balanced Habits Certified Food Coaches. 

Seems like we’re in good shape.  We have our own Industry called FÜducation ™, we have our own kind of ambassadors of our FÜducation,™ who are Food Coaches, and we are changing communities all across the USA and Canada.

Want to join our mission? We are the “disruptors” of the diet industry! (think Uber disrupting taxi industry)

Why should you care? Because someone has to.  Someone has to be the change our communities need. In August of 2017, the NY Times reported that 71% of the population is considered overweight or obese.

Who’s going to save these people? The Health Industry (drugs)? The Diet Industry (diets)? The Nutrition Industry (supplements)?

No, no and no.

We are. Through Balanced Habits ’ Industry of FÜducation