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The recipe for these popsicles is at the bottom. And although that’s pretty good news, that’s not THE really good news! Keep reading.




With so many clubs closing (or not reopening) since the Coronavirus came to town, Jeff Bezos of Amazon would say “your margin is my opportunity.

There is actually a lot of opportunity right now for the fitness industry.

Hopefully you’re still in business, most of your employees came back and you’re in the process of recovering the majority of your members. Although things are not exactly as they were, this is your opportunity to do things differently; and better.


FIVE Available Business Opportunities


1. Closed businesses mean available new customers looking for a club to join

2. Available new and highly educated employees looking for a job

3. Due to reduced capacity, increasing monthly dues by repositioning your brand in a less competitive marketplace.

4. Providing more value to your members as you reposition your brand as “The club with all the solutions to meet the needs of our community.”

5. Incorporating a new profit center that you can count on to provide more value and giving you more options to sell to your reduced capacity crowd.


Balanced Habits™ has everything you need to make much of the above a reality.

We were created in the fitness industry to serve the fitness industry. We know what you need to be successful. We know what your team needs to be successful. We know what your clients need to be successful.

And we provide it all.

Let’s rebuild your fitness business together. The opportunity is now.

*Here’s the Popsicle Recipe from the delectable image above. Enjoy!