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→ Knowing these strategies will help you to not have to rely on “motivation” to be successful with your health and fitness goals. 


This is tied to your environment. How many unconscious decisions are you making daily based on your environment? Create an optimal environment that supports you and your goals. 
IE: Creating a space that supports you and your goals.


Systems are practices and processes we use to get things done. Systems help us get things done on auto-pilot. We just “work the system.”
IE:  Laying out your workout clothes the night before or meal planning for the week ahead.


A schedule is as simple as putting things you want to get done on your calendar. We schedule things that are important to us. This can include your daily workout, your weekly cooking session…etc.
IE:  Once it’s on the calendar it’s scheduled!

Now check out this short lesson from Balanced Habits™ founder Carolyn Fetters on implementing the 3 S strategy.

balanced meal so you can lose weight the healthy way

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