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Considering trying to eat better or exercise?  Do you have a goal related to your health, fitness, or physical appearance?  We’ve heard the excuses, “this costs too much”, “this takes too much time”, and “exercise is boring/hard” time and time again.  

But have you ever looked at the costs of NOT eating better and NOT exercising?

Correct, eating healthy CAN be costly.  

You know what is undoubtedly more expensive?

Prescriptions, primary care doctor visits, taking time off work, taking your child out of school, specialists, therapy and counseling, health care dependent on your health and pre-existing conditions.

True, prepping your meals so you control what you eat and not eating out as much CAN be time-consuming.

You know what takes a LOT of time?

Doctor appointments, scheduling appointments, driving to and from the appointments, waiting rooms, treating chronic disease, waiting for the elevator because you can’t take the stairs.   

To some, exercise CAN be boring.

You know what can be REALLY boring?

Being bedridden, staring at a doctors office or hospital rooms’ walls, being too debilitated to leave your house, losing touch with loved ones or coworkers because you can’t get out and be social.

 Also exercising CAN be physically hard.

You know what can be really physically difficult? Osteoporosis, arthritis, getting out of bed, getting up off the floor, getting up off the toilet, or worse losing a limb to diabetes.

You may be thinking that some of the above are extreme, but all of the above can be caused by obesity and other chronic conditions caused by NOT taking care of your health.  

Some of us have more on our schedules than others, but we all share the same amount of time in a day.  We all have a life and body that deserves to be prioritized. Small changes in what you eat and how much you move can add up to saving money, saving time, and possibly saving your life.


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