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It’s that time of year again. Everyone is making New Year’s resolutions to accomplish one thing or another. The number one resolution always seems to be to get in shape and lose some weight. Why is it that we tend to wait for that one big day to take on this new lifestyle? That reminds me of one of our fitness client’s telling us that because it’s Halloween she just has to eat a few Tootsie Rolls. Aren’t Tootsie Rolls available year round? Isn’t that elusive new lifestyle of better health always there for the taking? It’s not so elusive after all. It’s available every day, you’ve just gotta want it.

In this post, we outlined several ways to become and stay motivated on your path towards fitness and over-all better health. It is true that being self-motivated is something very special and unique. It’s a rare individual who can push themselves day in and day out. That’s not to say that you can’t turn into that person, it just takes a bit of effort. It’s ok to admit and accept that maybe you need help while you adjust to this new healthy lifestyle. For example, if my car were to break down I certainly wouldn’t try to fix it myself. I would gladly hire a professional to walk me through the steps that I do not know or understand and I would feel good knowing that my car was in good hands. When learning how to exercise, perhaps hiring a professional to guide you through the process might be what you need to be and feel successful. We all can’t be good at everything!

Just in case you missed the 12 Tips to stay with your new healthy lifestyle, here they are again:

  • Set Smart Goals
  • Keep a Journal
  • Reward Yourself
  • Plan & Prepare your Meals
  • Schedule Your Workouts
  • Seek Guidance & Support
  • Seek Distractions
  • Enjoy the Process
  • Avoid temptation
  • Make a Change
  • Dine Out Smart
  • Forgive Yourself

It is these tips that will enable you to stick to your New Year’s resolutions well beyond February. Did you know that there is a statistic showing that after January, when all the gyms are packed with people trying to take on a healthy new lifestyle, two-thirds of those people will disappear by March! That is so sad! What is even worse about this statistic, is that many people drop out because they just don’t see results. That’s why nutrition is so important to your resolution of a healthy new lifestyle. Getting into shape should not feel like torture. It is hard work, but you shouldn’t dislike it enough to stop it after just three months.

Take your new lifestyle on in “baby-steps.” Each week, try to make one change in a few areas of your lifestyle. The first area, your diet, vow to make one positive change, such as having a glass of water with every meal. Once you’ve tackled this, then try it with something else. Secondly, vow to go for an early morning or late evening walk or jog-walk session three times during the week and once over the weekend. Each week increase your time by just five minutes. Lastly, vow to begin speaking about yourself in a more positive and flattering manner, telling people about what good things you are doing for yourself. You are your own best motivator and you deserve to be happy, healthy and fulfilled!

Balanced Habits wishes you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year! Don’t wait for your body to “break down,” before you fix it! You can make a change in yourself at any stage of life that you are in, so today is the perfect day to take control of your life!
Health = Happiness

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