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Watch your thoughts, for they become words;
Watch your words, for they become actions;
Watch your actions, for they become habits;
Watch your habits, for they become character;
Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

What is often overlooked when it comes to food is that everyone’s relationship with it is based on particular habits. For some, those habits are good ones because they reinforce the thoughts, beliefs, and actions that food is a nurturing force used to fuel and heal the body. For many other, their habits around food are not so balanced, not only falling short of keeping the body strong and healthy, but also igniting a cycle of negative emotions and beliefs that only reinforce and hold those habits firmly in place.

Therefore the first step in creating a life with a more balanced food relationship is by having a clear awareness of what that relationship is in the first place. What thoughts arise when you think about food? Do any positive or negative emotions arise from those thoughts? What do your day-to-day actions look like when it comes to eating? Essentially you are asking yourself these questions as a way of practicing mindfulness, just as one does when meditating or journaling.

In fact, journaling about what you eat happens to be one of the most useful tools one can utilize in overcoming food issues.  It not only provides evidence of what you consume every day but could also be used to record any thoughts and beliefs that arise when you eat. Every time that you recognize those thoughts or feelings through your newly established food mindfulness, you put space between them and your actions which help to weaken any negative habits. With a little time and repetition, you may be able to turn those unbalanced habits into balanced ones, thus leading to the ultimate destiny of health and well-being.