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The word diet seems to pop up in the strangest places. The origin of the word “diet” is the act of restricting your food intake or intake of particular foods; to eat sparingly for various health reasons; to lose weight by abstaining from foods, or refers to a type of fast.

I wanted to create an acronym out of the word “diet.” I looked up words starting with all four letters, and there was a lot to choose from, but the acronym I felt best suited a “diet” is “Ditch It Every Time!”

Seriously, going on a diet is such a temporary fix. Creating change that you can live with for the rest of your life should be the goal. We tell clients who ask us about specific diets that if they can imagine themselves eating this way consistently for a minimum of five years than it’s probably a good fit. But if your response is “I think I can do this diet for a month or two to lose weight but beyond that … no way!” You should Ditch It, Every Time!

Should we always strive to eat better? Of course. Is it always possible to eat clean and healthy? Not always, but definitely most of the time. Once you’ve learned about proper nutrition, it all comes down to choice. Sometimes we choose to eat a piece of cake, but the trick is to make sure we enjoy it and then move on. It can be as simple as that, but unfortunately, so many people think that they have to be perfect all the time, and that is just not realistic.

There is a train of thought that we can eat perfectly for six days a week and then we need or deserve a cheat day. On this day, we are allowed to eat whatever and how much we want, all day long. Why would you put yourself through this? How about eating well each day and then perhaps go a little crazy at a single meal? Look forward to it, enjoy it, don’t make yourself sick, and then move on. If you follow us regularly, you know that Balanced Habits offers a program called the KICK START three times a year. We go to great lengths to make sure that our participants don’t view this 28 day program as a diet, but rather as a lifestyle journey. A 28 Day journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

For most of our participants, their not-so-healthy habits took anywhere from 20 – 40 years to instill. Though you can make a huge difference in 28 days, we strive to make these changes last a lifetime. Breaking old unbalanced habits is as possible as making new Balanced Habits! It just takes time and the willingness to change and improve.

What diet is the best diet for you? How about no diet? What should you do to lose weight and be healthier? Get a Füducation™  to learn about proper nutrition from a Food Coach who can teach you how to eat properly within YOUR world, not theirs. Learn how to make food that you and your family can eat together and that you can all enjoy. Learn how to navigate a grocery store easily and without temptation. Learn how to go to any restaurant and order off the menu, feeling good about your choices. Learn about the types of food to consume for performance, whether for work, school day or for even a competitive event.

Once you understand how food directly affects you, you will naturally make better choices and continue to do so for the rest of your life. Look at eating better as a journey that has many roadblocks (i.e. birthdays, holidays, parties, etc.), and just keep trying to be better at it.

Ditch the diet and begin the journey that will bring you so many benefits – way beyond just weight-loss. Weight loss will be the icing on the proverbial cake.

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