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Ignore Government Warnings about Exercise

Why you should ignore all the government warnings about exercise.

I want to communicate to you the truth about exercise. I want to explain why you need to ignore all of the government warnings about how much you should be moving. As MD Henry Lodge states in his powerful and provocative book, Younger Next Year, the government’s recommendation to exercise 2 or 4 days per week is only a bare minimum. A desperate plea from the medical profession to a nation of couch potatoes.

Remember this…

Your body literally craves the daily chemistry of exercise. Henry Lodge also puts it this way…”When you get in shape, when you exercise, when you dance, you are sharing the ancient chemistry of movement with every other animal on the planet.” Think of how happy a dog is when he is set free from the leash at the park. You can almost see him smiling. He will run for days if you let him. When you find this universal instinctive truth, there will be no stopping you.

Natures’ rule is simple, do something every day. It doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over either. And really, it shouldn’t. A new stimulus on the body means new adaptation, a new you every day.

You absolutely MUST connect with this truth and this reality. Yes, I know, you might be saying right now that you are busy, life is crazy and “I just don’t have enough time or energy to exercise that often.” These are only excuses and a confusion of priorities. Exercise at least 6 days a week is no longer an option. Especially when you reach the age of 50. Because at that point you literally have two choices. You don’t exercise, grow old and wear out, or you start moving on a regular basis and live a long, healthy, fit and energetic life into your 80s and beyond. I know which one I’m choosing.

Believe me, I’ve heard all the excuses and misconceptions about why people can’t exercise on a daily basis. Helping people work through these is a big part of my job. And regardless of whether or not you ever consult with me on how to make it happen in your life, I want to communicate something very clearly…

Making excuses for how you are too tired, busy, or unorganized to exercise regularly is just denial. It’s thinking about the whole thing backward. You are tired and lethargic during and at the end of your day and even in the morning because you don’t get enough exercise and are not eating well.

People become mentally, physically, and emotionally drained from being sedentary. Yes, it’s true. And I know how that can sound to someone who is sitting right now reading this passage. But it really is true, even if it sounds to you like an oversimplification. Arriving on your doorstep exhausted every night is not living. It is merely surviving, and a really, really long way from thriving. I choose to thrive!

Remember, as Deepak Chopra puts it, “Your body’s natural state is to be healthy.” When you are worn out, put out, and stressed out, feeling as though you don’t have the energy to physically move every day and love it, something has gone terribly wrong. The good news is that you can do something about it.

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Other Carbohydrates

You’d think a food label would be pretty straight-forward: a list of what is in that food and how much of the listed ingredients are in it. Oh no, no. Food labels are also marketing ploys by the food manufacturing companies to fit the mold of their target market to increase profits.

Have you ever noticed the different levels of carbohydrates listed on some food labels? There’s a number of Total Carbohydrates but then there are subheadings
for dietary fiber, sugars, and sometimes insoluble fiber, sugar alcohols, and other carbohydrates.

Total Carbohydrate is listed first in grams of the macronutrient that is present in 1 serving. This number is the sum of the different categories of carbohydrates including starches, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, added sugars, and non-digestible additives.

But, have you ever noticed that sometimes the sum of the carb categories below do not add up to the Total Carbohydrates number?

With our math expertise, we can derive that 19 + 1 does not equal 24.

So, what about those other missing 4 grams?

This is because some starches — types of carbs often used as binders or thickeners — aren’t required to be listed on food labels. You see Dietary Fiber and Sugars, and these are familiar to you, but what about Other Carbohydrates. “Other”? What are the Other Carbohydrates that don’t fit in the surrounding, more familiar categories?

Other Carbs are considered digestible carbs that are not considered sugar, natural or added, or fiber. This includes thickening agents and food stabilizers like gums, pectin, starches. Basically, added substances that affect the texture, mouthfeel, and color.

There are two obvious ways to figure how processed the food is and if it contains a large amount of the above food additives.

  •  The numbers just don’t add up. Look at the Total Carbohydrate number. If
    the numbers listed below it in the carb category don’t add up and there is a
    large discrepancy, chances are that missing number is the sum of all the
    additives that the food company didn’t have to list out.
  • The ingredient list looks like a page from fine-print novel. The company
    listed out all the ingredients which includes the additives such as Sodium
    pyrophosphate, guar gum, and Pectin and now you can stand there with the
    label and do some research on what each single ingredient is. Sounds fun!

Our suggestion? Use the Total Carbohydrates number to keep it simple and sensibly carb-conscious, and eat fresh, less processed foods to avoid all the cunning marketing that food companies are playing with you and your health.

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Ditch It Every Time

Ditch It Every Time

The word diet seems to pop up in the strangest places. The origin of the word “diet” is the act of restricting your food intake or intake of particular foods; to eat sparingly for various health reasons; to lose weight by abstaining from foods, or refers to a type of fast. (more…)

Never too late for change

Never too late for change

I was walking through a parking lot the other day and saw a woman who was maybe 55 years old struggling to get out of her car seat. The door was wide open and
she clearly just didn’t have the leg or arm strength to stand up and exit. She wasn’t injured, per se, but she was definitely weak. So weak that she was struggling with a basic function of her day. (more…)


Nicole, you’re awesome! Thanks for your focused effort and congratulations for kicking butt in the KICK START!

“My fitness story didn’t involve overcoming some huge personal hurdle – I don’t recall any major wake-up call moment that made me decide to overhaul my life. It was a very gradual decision. As a busy full-time working mom, I was just tired of being tired, and tired of making excuses. I wanted significant improvement in my health, physique and overall happiness. I had been dismissing red flag symptoms (weight gain, migraines, knee pain, insomnia), chalking them all up to “just getting older.” I went to doctors looking for quick fixes for my ailments: magic pills to make me look and feel better. I started to acknowledge that I may need a lifestyle change in order to see the improvements I so desperately wanted.


Are you doing or trying?

Are you doing or trying?

This is a great question, and when you really dig into it, it explains a lot. Throughout my 35+ years in the fitness industry and the thousands of people I have had the opportunity to work with, this concept explains exactly what separates those who make amazing changes with their programs, and those who get better, but never quite achieve what they are capable of.


What is a macronutrient based diet?

What is a macronutrient based diet?

Macronutrient based nutrition is beneficial because it focuses on a “formula” that people can easily understand and manage. When people eat all three macronutrients (protein + carbohydrates+ dietary fats) they are consuming all three pieces to the “puzzle” the body requires, eliciting a proper metabolic response. If a macronutrient is missing, the body does not receive the whole message and particular cellular responses do not take place, which is necessary for a desirable response. (more…)